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September 18, 2009



awww it's over already!

Gloria L.

Hey Lance! Your chefs have outdone themselves, and the blog hop was so fun! Have fun in Japan!


Wow Lance you don't half get around. Hopping as well!!!!

Had a great time some fantastic projects.

Ali x


love a good blog hop...thank you


wow the ideas are many, love the mini albums, and the atc RUSTY PICKLE


Nice to visit you here and I very much enjoyed the RP blog hop! You're right, it did make me want to go off and scrap something :) Chris


Hi Lance, had a fab time on the hop - its taken me over 24 hours right enough lol
have a nice day

Your Products are wonderful. The blog hop was fun.


Fantastic blog hop! Thank you rusty pickle!

Dina M

I loved the blog hop! it was very inspiring!!

Janie Boots

I hope your having a super Fab time in Japan Lance.. My aunt is stationed in Japan right now and she tells me it's awesome...

Reel Girl

Your team is incredibly talented and inspiring!


Hi Lance,
Rock Japan :)

Tracey Locher

This was a FANTASTIC BLOG HOP... my first one and I had SO MUCH FUN! So glad you are having fun in Japan, Lance! Come home safely! See you in November!


this has been loads of fun!!!


first blog hop. It was great fun and very inspiring. i love new ideas, and I love your company.


Loved the hop! Thanks for the fun. Looks like you're having tons of fun in Japan.

Rhonda Rocks in MN

Thank you so much for the Hop - I had a great time and it was fun!

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