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August 29, 2007



Well, now Lance! We need to talk??? Inner circle?????????

I mean, come on! I helped you place the bling, and we did not get the "secret invite"?????

Where is the love???????

Ok, enough! We had a blast,and I am the newest Rusty Pickle fan! Thanks so much!!

Oh, yeah, my eyes are closed on your pic! Check out the one on my blog!


Hey, Lance!
I met KarenB at the SB Expo in Chicago...helped with the Dollar Scrapbook booth. Super nice!
I also owe you pics from your visit @ Cherish (Naperville IL) back in 2006! Will PM you :0)
Sorry I missed you @ looked busy so I didn't want to bother you. MargieH in Chicago


Absolutely gorgeous, the Pirate Princess album is just to die for Lance. Love the papers and the whole design!!

Jorja - Melbourne Australia

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