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February 21, 2008


Robyn W

three a great job you all do


Perhaps if this post or something similiar was posted BEFORE someone started deleting, editing and re-arranging posts then maybe there wouldn't be so many people questioning what happened and possibly all of the confusion could have been avoided. Just a thought.....honesty is the best policy you know?

Tasha Anderson

So excited for all the winners. For those who did not win, I'm sure we'll have more give-a-ways, after all this is Lance's blog and we all know how he likes to give things away, especially in exchange for chocolate!!!. To clarify about some of the confusion during this last challenge, I just want to say that our entire crew has been working very hard getting ready for CHA and getting ready for the expo in Costa Mesa. Our creative blog co-director taught at the Costa Mesa expo and was frantically trying to juggle the blog challenge at the same time, while teaching in Orange County. Everyone has been doing their best and we are all working hard to keep things going during this busy time. Unfortunately mistakes do happen and we are very sorry for that, there has been no dishonesty, or malicious intent to harm or otherwise upset anyone that visits this joyful blog. Please keep this the happy place that it is meant to be and if you need to vent, feel free to contact Lance directly, he's always looking for opportunities to make the ladies feel special. Thanks to everyone for all of their support. And if any of you are taking his classes in New York, tell Lance that his wife says "hi"!!!
have a fabulous day ladies,


I can't even imagine how busy you all are! Kudos for all you do! Aloha!

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