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February 14, 2008



I love, love, love Rusty Pickle! I figure if there is a day to go on about my "one true love" this would be the day. Have a good one.


Your new lines are totally awesome! (as usual) I would love to take home a beautiful prize pack of *two* whole paper collections!


Does #2 ever win?? I sure hope so. Love the new lines!

Ellie Augustin

OHH OHH AND OHHH did you know I'm addicted to anything Chocolate???



Happy Valentine's Day! Will you pick me to be your Valentine? hee hee


I would love to win these papers - we have a distinct lack of RP products over here :(


Happy Valentine's Day!What girl doesn't want to get Chocolate...even better when it's on Valentine's Day. Thanks for the chance to win.

Hilary Braidwood

I would loooovvvveeee this. I so need Chocolate Kisses as I can't seem to get my hands on it. And Oh my Popstar is amazing and there is a paper named after me!!!

Erin Gudge

Ummm, these giveaways are stressing me out!!! LOL. I get too excited at the idea of NEW product, let alone FREE NEW product!!! Yikes! I think I need some smelling salts. :)


Happy Valentines Day !
I don't eat candy and I am allergic to roses but some Rusty Pickles would be super nice this Valentines Day

Brandy Baucom

Please Please Please pick me.

Corina Syanovitz

Throwing my name into the hat.. love the new lines!! :D

Maria C

chocolate kiss and pop star - wow - happy valentines day


My daughter, who loves most of these pop stars, would love to have these new papers and I myself, prefer chocolate kisses! Please pick us!


Hope you had a pickleicious Valentines! Love the Popstar line, and Chocolate Kisses- well, what girl could say no to that combo!

Robyn W

i love that you are sharing the love, as i am sure many do,
so here goes
fingers crossed.....


The popstar line is just too fun! Love it!

Cathy K.

You are so sweet to be sharing the RP goodness! Happy Valentines Day to all!

rachel carlson

awesome, thanks for being so generous with the RP goodies - cheers to all of you! hugs, rachel


I'd love to be a pop star while eating chocolate kisses!!

Rusty Pickle rules! (and so do you Lance!)

Brittney Aldous

Awesome collection. Happy Valentines Day!


Wow !!!!! I love this stuff. Pop star is my favorite....Thanks


Your new lines are just as I have come to expect from Rusty to touch them and use them in my LOs! Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day! Keep that creativity flowing!!


Thank you Lance for being so generous. I love Bunnies and with Rusty Pickle...that makes it perfect!!!!

Julie Detlef

oh my oh my, this is my favorite line. I soooo want popstar...pleaseeeeeeee!!! I love the black and whites, this line would so compliment any line!!!

Jen Harrrison

Pick me, pick me please :) Happy Valentines. I sure wish I could go to paperpotomus this weekend to see you but I have company coming into town. The projects sounds awesome though!!

Michelle Dort

Oh yeah, I love the pop star line! So cool...


Chocolate kisses?! Sounds yummy!! Happy valentine.

Heather Wilson

You rock!! I am so excited to scrap with some RP!! Thanks for the great products! Happy Valentine's Day.


Where in the world is Lance?.... England? Nope that's just wishful thinking.. so when's he coming over? BCG

Linda SS

Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day. Can't ever have too much chocolate OR Rock Star.


Happy Valentine's Day Lance! Hope you are home safe and sound and maybe getting some rest after CHA! As usual, Rusty Pickle takes the blue ribbon for creativity! Thanks for the chance to win!!!


What a great give-away! Thanks for all the things you are offering.

Trish Harwick

Happy Valentine's Day! Gotta love those new products! I need them!

Trish Harwick

Happy Valentine's Day! What an awesome give-away! The new lines are amazing!

Deborah Malbone

OK, how 'bout this? I will distract my lss girls and you guys bring your new product line right in, then well get it onto the shelves? I LOVE it and NEED more ")

jenn hernandez

Would so love to get my hands on some of your amazingly fun paper. Saw your new stuff at CHA - it's even better in person everyone!! Gotta get it!!
Happy Valentines Day!!


Rusty Pickle paper -- yum. What a great treat for Valentines Day. Can't wait to see it in person.

Terri L

Happy Valentines Day! You sure know the way to a girls heart! Chocolate, and Rock and Roll!


ooooh - I just KNOW this one is for me! I am home with a sick little one (hoping the other 2 don't get his flu!) and DH out of town for the week... WISHING I could go shopping at my local SB store... sigh... sniff sniff...


Pick me Pick me ...chocolate kisses, just divine, please pick me, I ahve tons of pages to finish and NEEEED Chocolate kissess, with POP STAR of course, to help me, please.


I would soooooooooo Love to get my hands on the pop star and the Chocolate kisses line my DH didn't buy me nothing for Valentine'd Day and I Made him a beautiful card and a chineese takeout box full of homemade peanut butter cookies he took it to work and I won't know what he thought untill tomorrow..

Christine Watson

What can be better than Pop Star AND Chocolate Kisses!?!?!?!?! I {LOVE} all of your products and your new lines totally rock!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on some!!! Keep up the good work Rusty Pickle!!! SMOOCHIES!!!!

Liz in MO

Oh wow, I would love to have both of these sets! Please, Please, Please, pick me!!!!!


Wow love chocolate kisses. I would so love to win your great paper pkg. I live in Northern MN with the closest LSS 3 1/2 hours away we are totally out of the loop so this would be an awesome treat to have something so hot and new!!!

Jenn Ryan

What a great giveaway!

Jennifer H.

How perfect for Valentine's day! Who doesn't love some kisses on V-Day?! :)

Tran Quach

Happy Valentine's Day!!! XOXOXO :-)


Happy Valentines Day

Please pick me. I would love some new treats.


Irene Grubb

The new Pop Star line is fabulous! Would love to play with these papers and of course the Chocolate Kisses is one of my favorites! Happy Valentines Day to all at RP!

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