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February 15, 2008



All these prizes are so cool. You guys rock!!


Ok I am trying again I really ope I get picked!! I'm starting to think I stink or something lol!!!!


Hey Erin, congrats!!! Okay, so I'm not ever going to be a Pop Star, but I sure love to color and I only wear black and sometimes white and...LOL

It would sure be awesome to be the first in my region to get my hands on some of your new releases!

Seriously, thanks for the fun! Keep up the Stellar work!! Aloha

Cathy K.

So many giveaways - Rusty Pickle Rocks!


Thanks for all these fun giveaways...just another reason I love RP!

Theresa Grdina

YIKES! I can't win if I don't enter! I forgot to enter yesterday!!! Maybe today will be my lucky day! Thanks for sharing.


Such great prizes....Congrats to Erin! Could I be next? Please!


I love all the new lines especially Pop Star!

Gloria L.

Happy Pickle, uh, Valentine's Day! Your goodies are just like boxes of chocolate to me!
Gloria L.

Ellie Augustin

YO YO!! Yo quiero ese paquete!!! see you even have me writing in Spanish!! OHH can you make it a true TGIF for me! :

Tisha Hendricks

Love love love this please pick me.

Brandy Baucom

Please I would love to win this. :) I have been entering and haven't won so this is my lucky day right?

Michelle Luther

Would love to win this line of papers. :)


Maria C

I just love pop star. I would really love to win this. I hope I am the lucky one.


I say today, and I will say everyday...I need more!



Pop star?!!! Awesome! The boys just got the video game Rock Band and I have some GREAT shots of them that would be perfect for this line!!! SOOOO cool! :)

Heather Wilson

I would love to have some RP!! Free RP would be the ultimate!! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!!

Hilary Braidwood

I so want to paint this!!!!!!!!

Natalie Steinberg

Pop Star what a great name! That would be a great page title!! Maybe I will use that one my next layout! Such fun paper!

Robyn W

always wanted to be a pop star, shame about my voice


OH I hope I am not too late. I would love to win!!


LOL!!!! I think I posted a comment in a past give-way! I am so addicted to signing up for drawings....although I have never won one, but now I may know why!

Jenni G.

Oh this one ROCKS!!

Jenni G.

Oh this one ROCKS!!

Johanna Farrand

I would like to win.


Winning free new paper pack ... It's the best thing that can happen for me! Can you choose me as the next winner!?


Hi! I have just discovered Rusty Pickle and LOVE it!!! I missed Lance's last visit to IA and look forward to his next trip to Reminisce. I adore the Cap'n Jack papers and can't wait to get the White Chocolate - it looks yummy....Keep scrappin'


Love some Rusty Pickle......


Well colour me green and stick me in a pickle jar- I need this picklecious pop star paper! Pretty please????!!!


Oooooh, I'd love to win some Pop star paper!!! Congrats Erin on your big win!!


Wow! My dd thinks she's a rock star... I just might need that paper pack!

Keeping fingers crossed. Thanks for the cool giveaways!


I had surgery at the beginning of the week and haven't been at the computer to see all these fun new products until today, and oh my gosh, they are SO awesome! I'm drooling all over the keyboard today! Thanks for making such GREAT products!!


Terri B in Oregon

I AM a "Pop Star", in my own mind!! What fabulous give aways you have had!! Pick me Pick me!!!

Heather in Ohio

Thanks for the giveaways.

Becky D.

a popstar?! i already have pictures that would be perfect for that line!!

Corina Syanovitz

oo! I love the popstar papers... i was jsut mentioning how i'd love to take some chalk or colored pencils to those!! :D


Thanks for all of the great products! As I am typing this, my children are singing along with High School Musical, gotta go take some pics! Popstar paper would be helpful! hint, hint:)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pop Star. Please pick me.

Have a great Holiday

Trish Harwick

Choose me, pick me, love me.. LOL! (Couldn't resist!) I love this new line! What a great giveaway! - Trish

Cathy M

Count me in on this AWESOME giveaway.
Thanks for a chance.
[email protected]


Hey now, you're a pop star, put your game on, go play!


Please pick me I would love to have some "pop Star" since we have no LSS it will be forever before I can get this wonderful product!


WooHoo!! Congats, Erin!!
I would love to get my hands on some Pop Star!!

Liz in MO

Wow, I would really like to win this pack. It is so super duper cool looking.


Oh wow, i'd love to get my hands on some of there gorgeous new papers."Pop Star" Rocks!


win free stuff...I am soooo leaving a comment today! Darn, I missed these all week, that means I should win for sure! LOL!


Pop star line is out of sight! Count me in!

Irene Grubb

I love all those yummy doodles on the Pop Star line. My new love is doodling- and would love to play with these. Thanks again for all the giveaways- RP Rocks!

Leslie Mc

I love RP & would love to see some arrive on my doorstep! No LSS's within an hour of my house!


Pick me, pick me!!! I'd love to win your goodies! Thanks for the chance to win!

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