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February 12, 2008



ohh coool I need this paper please o please pick me :D

Robin N (tqmnurse)

How fun that you are having a giveaway on your blog!! LOVE the picklicious lines!

Linda F.

Do you KNOW what a RP addict/fanatic I am?! Do I need to show you the picture of me in front of your booth? Well, do I? I cannot wait to get my hands on all the lines!!!!!


Awesome paper as always!


Got to try to be the lucky one, the under the stars papers tie in so well with out summer activities.

Rachel Tanner

Cool. I love everything!!!

Please let me win!!!

Cristal (blueyecicle)

Love Rusty Pickle! What a great RAK!

Gina H

This is great - I love RP!

Marilyn G

how GREAT to see something for the Guys in Our Lives.Kudos.

Heather Wilson

awesome!! This is great. Thanks for the opportunity!


WOW Awesome... I love this paper. pick me!!!! pick me!!!
:) :) :)


very very fun!!!


Love this paper...great for boys!!!


Can't wait to get all the new stuff!


Great new products, love the colors.
And this giveaway is lots of fun


Oh how I love Rusty Pickle papers and scrapbooking items. Only problem is I can never find them around where I live. Ordering is the only way to get my RP items!!! ALways on the lookout for boys paper and this looks perfect!!Congrats to the winner!


Amazing new stuff as always!

Norma Kennedy

What a great lineup of new products and "Under the Stars" is one of them !

Norma (localocairis


I'd love some new RP paper!

Brandy Baucom

Pick me
Pick me
Pick me
I love the new lines
branbaucom (no space)

Nicole Ritts

Wow thank you for this wonderful rak. Now we just need to get you to come to Michigan!!! :)


Lovin' the new RP stuff!

Ellie Augustin

Ok here goes... a post and a scrappy dream! :)


Love love loved your booth at CHA.......the chocolate fountain was really good too...especially the white chocolate!!

melissa o.

Love, love your products!


Loving the new stuff! Thanks for being so generous Lance!


Pick me!! Pick me!!! Lovin all the new faboo products!

Heidi Y

LOVE RP!!! You rock for doing this :)


I can't wait to get my hands on the new lines!! They totally ROCK!

Susan Rager

wow 2 chances to win how cool is that THANKS


Well now I can double my fun with two blogs instead of one. Hope your enjoying all the sunny Calif weather.


totally love the new products!


Add me to the begger's list! I'd love to get my hands on that new paper!

Marsha Litz

Super cool line!!! RP ROCKS!


Add me to the begger's list! I'd love to get my hands on that new paper!

Jenn Ryan

Can't wait to see everything in person!


Now you have my husband excited about Under The Stars.

He says's it's about time men get scrapbooking recognition with a line of paper, LOL. (Like how on earth can we forget them?)

So, for my husband......



Jan Williams

I have some great camping pictures that are in need of these beautiful papers!!!!!


LOVE rusty pickle and I'm taking THREE of your classes at the Pleasanton Scrapbook Expo in March. I'm counting down the days on my calendar! A nice prize would make it that much more SWEET ;)


You have topped yourselves again! Can't beat the Rusty Pickle line.....nothing "rusty" about it!

Terri Lewis

Hiya Lance! I'd love to have a paper pack - take it easy.....

Kim Anderson

Oh what fun! You guys are awesome! Can't wait to check out the new stuff!

Cindy Coffman

Totally awesome paper......thanks for the chance!! :o)

Cindy Coffman
[email protected]

Amanda Ann

Awesome!! Rusty Pickle ROCKS!!


I need this H-O-T paper line to help melt away all this ice!! Awesome Pickle u are!!

Cari K.

That orange camo paper is the coolest!

Tran Quach

Your posting again! YaY!!! :-P Are you going to be at the expo?!?! Please say you are!!! Are the new relase from CHA will be available at the expo?!?!?! Please say there are!!! I can't wait! :-(


I'd love a chance to win!

Robin Gibbons

Oh Dear Lance....I reallllly need the Under The Stars pack. I have lots of pics of my son and darling grand daughter just waiting to be scrapped onto this perfectly designed paper! My son is as obsessed about fishing and sharing that with his 6 yr old as I am obsessed with scrapping their memories. I would love to receive this rak to past onto grand daughter.

Jennifer A

this stuff is totally awesome! I can't wait to use it on all our national park pages!

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