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June 17, 2008



Hi Lance, I'm on your class "up north" on Wednesday - really looking forward to it and meeting you of course - brilliant!


Hi Lance,
sounds like a wonderful trip, although pretty crazy.
Driving on the opposite side when you're not used to it can be tough, just follow everyone else! Hope you can drive a manual!
see ya when you get back.


Hello Lance.
I want to thank you for the workshop you've made with Donna in my store.
It will be a moment that I will never forget.
Thanks for you kindness.
I hope you'll come again in my store with Donna.

jessica summers

Hi Lance! It was great meeting you, albeit briefly. I was the one at SAG (Holland) who was constantly interuppting your classes for various annoucements (sorry for that). I hope the next time we meet, I can be one of your students!!


Joanne Turner


Just wanted to thank you for the fab class in Scotland on Thursday. Hope you enjoyed your "day off" on Friday and that you got to see a castle:)


hi Lance :o)

Hope you are back home safely now and recharging your batteries! Loved the 2 classes at on the Tuesday - my pop up book is finished and just waiting for photos YAY! My American Hard Gums will remind me of you from now on lol!! Maybe see you in Asutralia next time?? Thanks again, Juliex (Mum says hi too!!!)


Hey You! What about BRILLIANT in an Irish accent????


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