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September 18, 2009


Stacy Rodriguez

Next time you'll have to take your own pillow!!!

Sue McGettigan

That sounds like so much fun! I was glad to see the Sumo fella wearing a kimono (?) - at first the picture in my head was all these sumo guys running around the subway in those tiny 'thongs' they wear in the ring :)

Rose Ann in oHIo

Sumo does ROCK!! I love watching matches on TV on my comfy couch.
Hope you are feeling better.


Sounds like you're having fun. I've been having fun hopping around the RP blog hop tonight. Time to put some of the great things I've seen and learned into action with my projects.

Dawn Gallop

WOW!! Lance you are having a ball!! Love the sumo dude!! RUSTY PICKLE ROCKS!! Thanks, Dawn :)


Wow this is so fun!!! have a safe trip

Beth R.

Bwaaahhh! How cool!
have fun!

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